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    of the Worldwalkers

    Worldwalkers: Nicholas Maldechor and The Forbidden Talisman and Other Tales from the Theurasterium is a magic and fantasy novel written by G.E. Horace Bennedict.

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  • About the Author

    G.E. Horace Bennedict

    The author is knowledgeable in various fields like philosophy, religion, ancient history, magic, the supernatural and has a Psychological background.

    G. E. Horace Bennedict’s writing is simple but the telling of the story sounds like it was being narrated by an old master wizard, frequently changing perspective as the story unfolds.

  • About the Novel

    Worldwalkers: Nicholas Maldechor and The Forbidden Talisman

    The novel is written for a young audience, but it will also be liked by the grownups who enjoy supernatural stories, magical places, the use of magic, and traveling across the planes of existence with a tiny magical fob watch device called the Arqueometer.

    Worldwalkers: Nicholas Maldechor and the Forbidden Talisman is a great novel to read and you will love the richness in its creativity and its careful worldbuilding. From unique exotic places, to magical spells and an entire society living as unrivaled masters of magic.

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    Who's Nicholas?

    The story begins with a mysterious subject searching for a particular artifact in another plane of existence. Soon we find the subject is a wizard and then we land in Nicholas’ life. Where we learn how normal his life is, but all that is about to change, as it usually happens in magical fantasy stories.

    However as Nicholas begins to learn the truth of his amazing heritage as a magical being, we also get to know that dark forces are amassing. We also get to know the wonderful city from where these formidable characters jump into the planes, learning their culture, their values, and what they stand for as a society. The novel introduces us to a magnificent explanation of the Multiverse and the wonder of every plane being inhabited by a multitude of creatures.

    As Nicholas learns about his life and destiny, we meet amazing friends with incredible powers but also very dangerous enemies that seem to be hiding in plain sight. The novel exposes many different themes, but the most prevalent is faithfulness and this one will be stretched and tested to the very end.

  • Other Stories Of The Worldwalkers

    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations of around the planes and the multitude of dimensions

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